Microsoft herds users to Azure by killing VM conversion tool

Microsoft has announced “the upcoming retirement of Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter” (MVMC) and its replacement with Azure Recovery Services.

MVMC does what it says on the can, namely convert virtual machines. The tool lets you turn physical machines into virtual machines, VMware hosts into Hyper-V hosts or convert VMs so they can run in Azure.

But Microsoft's now decided that as of June 3rd, 2017, MVNC wont be available for download and will be scrubbed of content related to the software.

Microsoft's replacement, Azure Recovery Services can also convert VMs to different formats, but of course does so with Azure as the target. Even if you then download a VM after conversion, you'll have to wade through Azure to get it done. Microsoft offers 31 days free hosting for VMs in Azure Recovery, so the meter wont be ticking if you use the service for VM conversion. But the look is crook: Microsoft's announcement was dated on Saturday, June 4th, a time when few notice this kind of thing.

Microsoft's justification for the retirement is that it has decided to focus its VM-converting efforts on Azure, so if you want modern tools you'll need to get cloudy.

There's a ray of sunshine in easy availability of alternative VM conversion tools. Desktop hypervisors like VirtualBox and VMware Workstation can ingest VMs in several formats and spit them out in another. VMware also offers a converter, for physical to virtual jobs.

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