Battery Cycle Tip

Modified on Tue, 12 Apr 2022 at 03:32 PM

Here's a handy tip to get the most out of your batteries and not just your school laptop, this goes for all devices including your mobile phone. A battery has a specific number of cycles (you can usually look this info up on the devices specs to find out how many) and once you use those cycles, it starts to degrade. That's why after a couple of years you are charging your phone all the time and you end up upgrading to a more expensive handset. Here's a handy tip to get the most out of your devices battery before it starts to wilt.

So try not to run your batteries all the way down and don't leave them on charge all night when you go to bed. Charge them before you go to bed then take it off when its at 100%. When you wake up you will only have lost a few percent because it's not being used. 

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