Correct UPS installation

Modified on Thu, 30 Jun 2022 at 02:32 PM

When setting up a UPS in order to protect an important device, be it Server, Switch, Router or anything else, there are several different ways to do it. On a device with a single power supply, it goes without saying that it should be plugged into the UPS. There are plenty of ways to do it wrong, really only 1 way to do it right for a number of reasons as detailed below.

For devices with dual redundant power supplies, the correct way is to have one power supply running from the UPS, and the other way directly into the wall. Always check that the power supplies are REDUNDANT - i.e. the system can function on one if needed and doesn't require both.

The main reason for having a UPS is to run a critical device on battery for as long as possible while the power is out. If both power supplies of a redundant device are connected to the UPS, you are effectively doubling the load on the battery and reducing the available runtime.

This is also a bad idea in that if there is a failure in the UPS itself, both power supplies then lose power. If the UPS fails and one PSU is direct to the wall, then the server remains on.

It should also go without saying that having a UPS there and not using it isn't good sense either...

The question of whether you should have a monitor plugged on will be discussed AD Infinitum. A monitor will obviously drain the battery, but if you need to shutdown the server if the battery is getting critically low, then monitor is handy, unless you have the switches and wifi all on ups too. if your ups is monitored, and you have the appropriate software on all attached devices, they can be programmed to shutdown when the battery gets low, eliminating the need for the monitor (or even a person onsite!)

make sure there is no non-critical devices plugged into the UPS for maximum runtime.

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